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If you treat your family worse than other people, what does that say about you? It says that no matter how nice you can be, deep down you’re a jerk.

So be good to the people you go home to. They deserve the best of you, not the rest of you.

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Absolute Statements

There’s a trend in both internet memes and beyond, that of absolute statements.

Things like: Keep Calm and Carry On

While this may be relevant to most people for the majority of the time, these absolute statements should never be followed as if they are absoluterules. For instance, with the above mentioned example, keeping calm may not be always applicable. Sometimes emotions need to be released so the healing can begin. And carrying on is actually very damaging if taken too literally—this can lead to people staying in damaging situations, or foregoing their own health and well being for the sake of not stopping, both of which lead to even more stress that one must deal with and “keep calm” through.

In other words, even though these statements are nice and clean looking, their absoluteness should not be applied absolutely.

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Self Esteem and Relationships

Many people complain about their relationships. Often they do an overwhelming amount of complaining before they even consider ending it.

The most ironic complaint? That their “significant other” has low self esteem.

It’s ironic because all too often it’s the other way around. If you don’t respect yourself enough to get out of a relationship that isn’t healthy or you aren’t happy with, then stop complaining because you’re the one without self esteem.

You’re doing it to yourself. Take responsibility for your inaction.

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Why is Chivalry Dead? Answer:

Chivalry isn’t dead because men started being jerks. Let me explain.

Chivalry was a required code for men under a certain social convention. When women rejected that social convention, chivalry stopped being necessary. In fact when women rebelled to the point where any man following that social convention were deemed misogynistic and their actions reprehensible, the social convention became taboo and chivalry along with it.

I’m not trying to say that women should be “blamed” for the death of chivalry, but it was a logical outcome of the destruction of the social convention it belonged to.

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